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      Chay's Tae Kwon Do‘s Krav Maga Staff

      Master Paul Chay — Certified Instructor

      Master Kick Chay's Tae Kwon DoPaul Chay is the owner of Chay’s Tae Kwon Do and operates a licensed facility for Krav Maga. He runs one of the first licensed sites to be approved and one of the first certified instructors outside of Los Angeles which is the location of the national training center. Mr. Chay completed the instructor certification which consisted of over 240 hours of training, teaching, lectures and tests and has been teaching Krav Maga since 2000. He also has been training in Tae Kwon Do for over 30 years and is a 6th degree black belt.

      Bryan Schmidt, Certified Instructor

      Bryan SchmidtBryan started his martial arts career with Tae Kwon Do at Chay’s in 1999. In 2003, with starting college, Bryan decided that Krav Maga was a better fit due to the practical application of its techniques; and, in 2007, began teaching Krav Maga. Bryan was drawn to Krav Maga because of how practical it is and how quick it is to apply what you have learned. He enjoys building students confidence while pushing them to their limits. As a Racine County Deputy Sheriff, Bryan’s goal is not just building confidence and a healthy lifestyle, it includes making sure his students have the ability to go home safe every day.

      Stephen Quirke, Certified Instructor

      Stephen Quirke - Chay's TKD in RacineStephen Quirke  has been a student of the Krav Maga system since 2007. Previous to Krav Maga he competed nationally and internationally in the distance event known as the 50k Racewalk eventually becoming national champion in 2010.  He views Krav Maga as a survival skill that all should have. He enjoys how it builds confidence, coordination and a will to survive against all odds. During the day he works full time as a   high school art teacher as well as Track and Cross Country coach. He has been teaching since 2012.

      Aaron Bixby, Certified Instructor

      Aaron BixbyAaron Bixby has nearly 20 years of experience as a personal fitness trainer. He is also a professional firefighter in the City of Cudahy and is a Peer Fitness Trainer and a Fire Instructor for his fire department. Aaron has been involved in various martial arts during much of his adult life but has found his niche in Krav Maga. He greatly enjoys the physical challenge of training in Krav Maga but was initially drawn to it because of its practical application in everyday life. Aaron has a busy life with his wife and five children and enjoys this easy to remember system that is built off of a person’s natural responses. He enjoys teaching a system that anyone can use regardless of their experience in self-defense.

      Adam Rasmussen, Certified Instructor

      Adam Rasmussen - Chay's TKD InstructorAdam Rasmussen started his training in Tae Kwon Do at Chay’s at the age of 8, and with over 13 years of experience is now a Tae Kwon Do instructor and 3 rd degree black belt. In 2015 he began his Krav Maga instructor training and quickly found his passion for the fast paced, easy to apply self-defense system. Because of his background in Tae Kwon Do, Adam likes to focus on balance, discipline, and technique in each of his lessons. He is committed to ensuring each of his students leave with confidence and ability. Outside of martial arts, Adam is a junior at Carthage College majoring in marketing and minoring in Spanish.

      Ross De Jarlais, Certified Instructor

      Ross De Jarlais - Chay's TKD Krav Maga InstructorRoss De Jarlais started tae kwon do in 2001 at Chay’s Tae Kwon Do. He is now a 3rd degree black belt and assistant instructor. Ross began his Krav Maga instructor certification training in 2015 to supplement his tae kwon do. He enjoys Krav Maga because it’s based off of natural movements and is easy to apply. Ross instills the mentality to survive against any obstacle and to keep fighting no matter what. He also tries to help his students develop self-confidence and maintain a healthy lifestyle.